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Bye-bye, buyer's remorse. Test out top-rated, women-specific gear and figure out what you love before you commit.


Our Confident-Fit Promise

Let us help you pick out your rental gear. If it doesn't fit right, we’ll send you a replacement in time for your adventure.


Sparkling Clean

Like no one’s used it before you


Adventure Ready

Arrives pre-packed in a duffel


Curated for Women

Discover women-specific styles



Find the gear that’s right for you

Who is a Mountainist?

A Mountainist is a playful and self-reliant leader who believes in exploring the edges of her comfort zone and empowering those around her to do the same. She’s feminine in the sense that she loves to feel beautiful. Also in the sense that she's incredibly strong. Physically strong, emotionally strong, and strong-willed.

She likes to feel beautiful AND she likes to get her hands dirty. She doesn’t subscribe to one or the other. In the mountains, she feels like the best version of herself.


"Renting from Mountainist left me feeling like Cinderella on a sled! Thank you for this awesome new approach to try before you buy!"

—Jaime, wyoming

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When you rent with Mountainist, you're also creating meaningful change for women in the outdoors. With every order, you’re supporting another Mountainist’s dreams to ride the track, trail or backcountry.